What is the difference between the Rejuvenating Gel Mask and the Hot Ice Therapy Mask?

Both the Rejuvenating Gel Mask and the Hot Ice Therapy Mask offer beauty and health benefits. The Rejuvenating Gel Mask offers cold therapy treatments while ​ Hot Ice Therapy Mask has an instant heat activating tab that heats up in seconds and stays hot for up to thirty minutes.

What is the price difference?

The Rejuvenating Gel Mask sells for $19.95 and the Hot Ice Therapy Mask sells for $29.99.

What do I do once my mask arrives?

Once your mask arrives, remove the label insert, read the instructions on the back and keep in a safe place.

Where do I keep my mask?

Your mask comes in a special design zip lock bag, and can be stored either in the refrigerator for instant cold therapy use or in a safe place.

My Hot Ice Therapy Mask wont activate?

Activating the instant heat tab might take a few tries for first time use. Place your mask on a flat surface so that the gel is evenly distributed. Press and release the silver tab inside the mask, if heat does not activate turn the mask over and try again.

My Hot Ice Therapy Mask returned to crystal form after boiling as instructed. Why?

The most common reason your mask returned to crystal form after following instructions is that it was not left to boil long enough. ​As long as you have enough water so that the mask is submerged on the mask protector cloth,it is suggested to leave the mask in ​for an extra couple of minutes, between 5 and 7 minutes. Also ensure that your pot is large enough so that the mask is laying flat open in the pot.

How do I bring my Hot Ice Therapy Mask back to gel form?

Lay the mask protector cloth flat in a large pot. Fasten the Velcro straps together on the mask, hang the mask from a wooden mixing spoon, then place the wooden mixing spoon on the top of the pot allowing the gel mask to hang fully submerged in the water. The mask needs to be placed in the pot flat without bending any part of the mask.​ Heat the water and allow the mask to boil for approximately 5 to 7 minutes or until the thermal gel returns to a liquid. Remove the mask and protector cloth and allow them to cool down to room temperature. The mask is now ready for instant use again when needed.



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Can I use the Cold mask hot?

Yes, Place the gel mask in a large bowl of hot water for a few minutes to warm up. This will provide you with just a few minutes of heat therapy, for longer lasting heat therapy Try our Hot Ice heat mask. DO NOT PLACE YOUR GEL MASK IN THE MICROWAVE.

Can I use the Hot Ice gel mask cold?

Yes, place the mask in the zip bag provided in the refrigerator, and when you are ready for the mask, the mask will provide your with a few minutes of cooling benefits needed. For longer cooling benefits use the Rejuvenating Gel Mask.

Do I have to bring my Hot Ice Therapy Mask back to gel form as soon and it gets cold?

No, you can bring your Hot Ice Therapy Mask back to gel form ​at your convenience. There is no time limit.

Is it secure to pay through your web site?

We are PayPal verified, you are PayPal protected.

Can we contact you if we have any other questions.

We would love to hear from you, email us directly at info@nuvovisage.com and we will answer your question with in two hours. Our toll free number is 844.435.6275 (gel mask)

Can we contact the founder?

To contact the Founder for product related questions only call or text 678.936.2999. NO telemarketers and Solicitors Please.

Why is the Human Society on your web site?

We donte a portion of our profits to our local no kill shelter, where funds are used to help our local community have their pets fixed at a reduced cost or free.​ Just another good reason to buy from Nuvo Visage.