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Our product features a tab located inside the mask allowing the mask to instantly heat up. It features double Velcro straps to comfortably secure the mask in place, and its unique soft outer surface and inner gel gently conforms to the face which provides exceptional comfort.


Hot Ice comes in a zip lock bag for safe storage, a comfort liner, and a mask protector cloth used when bringing the mask back to gel form, with easy step by step guide on the back of the label insert. All material used are non toxic and latex free.


Our products in no way competes or replaces any beauty products one might be using, but enhances the effect, nor does it replace any medication one might be taking, but alleviates discomfort while waiting for medication to take effect.Hot Ice comes with easy step by step guide used when bringing your mask back to gel form for reuse, failure to follow these steps could result in the outer layer of the mask melting and the inner gel seeping out.


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