Reduce late night puffiness and leave your skin feeling refreshed recovered and renew with our Rejuvenating Cold Mask. Using cold therapy with your daily beauty routine will leave your skin looking firmer, not to mention a great way to cool the body during hot summer days or after sports. Cold Therapy may also alleviate discomfort associated with Migraines and Menopause while waiting for medication to take effect.


Tailor designed by Nuvo Visage, the Rejuvenating Gel Mask comes in a special design zip lock bag for safe storage in the refrigerator so that when you are ready for the mask, the mask is ready for you.

It features double Velcro straps designed to comfortably secure the mask in place. The mask’s unique soft outer surface and inner gel gently conforms to the face to provide exceptional comfort. All materials are non-toxic, latex free and safe for all applications.


Our products in no way competes or replaces any beauty products one might be using, but enhances the effect, nor does it replace any medication one might be taking, but alleviates discomfort while waiting for medication to take effect.

                                      ONLY $24.99




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blue cold Gel mask
red cold gel mask
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